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Greater Manchester Green Deal Communities Programme Exceeds Targets

1248 households in the city-region have received radical energy efficient improvements to their homes and the programme had been delivered within budget. 

The programme assisted mainly fuel poor residents in Greater Manchester who live in homes with minimal thermal efficiency.  Homes with solid walls which are not suitable for cavity wall insulation were specifically targeted for improvement.

Greater Manchester Mayor, Tony Lloyd said:

“In Greater Manchester we want to make sure that all homes are energy efficient, this helps to keep homes warm, cuts energy bills and creates a better environment.  

“I’m delighted that the Green Deal Communities programme has exceeded its targets and helped hundreds of residents with energy efficient home improvements.  

“The GMCA is actively engaging with national and local providers and utility companies to source further funds so we can continue to assist households in Greater Manchester.”

Research from the Energy Saving Trust has highlighted that people living in cold homes are more likely to develop respiratory and cardiovascular illnesses. Over 900 homes, which were previously known as ‘hard to treat’ properties, have received external wall insulation.  By adding external wall insulation residents can save on average approximately £260 from their annual fuel bills and homes can become significantly warmer, making every day household activities more comfortable

Working with delivery partners, the programme has benefited residents from all ten Greater Manchester authorities. Local business was also supported through the scheme with locally sub-contracted installers delivering a number of specialist energy improvement measures. 

Currently the GMCA, working with E.ON, have a free/subsidised** boiler, cavity wall and loft insulation offer available for low income residents. For more information please visit:


The Green Deal Communities programme is funded by the UK Government’s Department of Energy and Climate Change.

*Source of research:
**Terms and conditions apply.

Throughout Greater Manchester many households have previously been assisted with schemes such as ‘Get Me Toasty’ and ‘Little Bill’ with loft and cavity wall insulation.  The number of measures installed across GM over this period was 25,674 which equated to a reduction of 14,244 tonnes CO2 per annum and annual savings to households of over £3.8m. The measures installed were predominantly loft/cavity wall insulation and boiler replacements.

From May 2014 up to the end of March 2015, 2946 homes were retrofitted across Greater Manchester with 3596 measures installed; these were mainly Energy Company Obligation installs for households on low incomes on specific benefits. 

GM Leaders identified that properties remaining post these schemes The Green Deal Communities programme targeted homes that did not qualify for ‘Get Me Toasty’ and ‘Little Bill’.  These homes, often with solid walls, are harder to heat and generally have high fuel bills due to energy inefficacy. 

Green deal communities programme delivery partners include; Keepmoat Regeneration, Willmott Dixon Energy Services Limited and Wates Living Space. 

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