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Quantum Profile Systems Ltd

£147,000 resource efficiency savings for Oldham manufacturer

QPSL specialises in the extrusion of rigid and flexible PVC and employs 90 people at its manufacturing site in Oldham, turning over £10 million a year.

Having been established for over 40 years, the company underwent a management buyout in 2000 and has since undergone a major transformation under the banner of 'Lean and Green, Safe and Clean'.

Since 2012, it has been working with the Business Growth Hub's Green Growth service  to improve its resource efficiency and ensure it maintains its ISO 14001 status.

Success story

QPSL has become one of the Business Growth Hub’s biggest success stories, having achieved annual savings of £147,000 and 430 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) through measures such as compressed air efficiency improvements, reduced raw material usage, process controls and legal compliance.

In total, these improvements have saved 756,000 kWh of energy and diverted 20 tonnes of waste from landfill.

‘Unrivalled expertise’

“As a business we were already making significant efficiencies but we lacked the expertise and equipment to go as far as we wanted”,

said QPSL product manager, Diane Luther.

“Green Growth offered us an unrivalled expertise in resource efficiency, access to their thermal imaging technology, a valuable survey of compressed air leaks onsite and access to suppliers in their network that could help us cut costs in new ways.”

‘Financial argument’

QPSL’s most recent improvements include replacing one of its chillers with a more energy efficient alternative, upgrading its air compressor, replacing lighting, reducing its baseload electricity capacity and providing ‘smart driving’ training for its drivers.

These measures will save the company nearly £25,000 a year, with most paying back in less than two years.

“For us, the drive for efficiency was borne out of environmental considerations, simply because a business like ours consumes so much energy”,

Diane added.

“But make no mistake, there is a strong financial argument for the steps we have taken to become more resource efficient.”

Proactive philosophy

Laura Bayliss, Green Growth resource efficiency advisor, said: “

It’s great to provide ongoing support to QPSL, a successful company producing increasingly sustainable products through a lean manufacturing process.

“It’s fantastic to see a company that is already proactive utilise the services we offer to further increase cost savings and resource reductions.”

Simon Crossley, operations manager at QPSL, added:

“QPSL are committed to environmental sustainability and the Business Growth Hub has allowed us to improve our green credentials at the same time as reducing our overheads.”

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